On Friday, April 14th, the fearless duo of brothers known as “Hunters of the Paranormal” will embark on a spine-tingling paranormal investigation at Wortley Top Forge in Sheffield, England. This historic water-powered heavy iron forge boasts a rich heritage that dates back to at least 1640. Over the centuries, the site has been used for various ironworking processes, including bloomeries and fineries. However, it gained significant prominence for the production of wrought iron railway axles, which were hammer-welded between 1840 and the forge’s eventual closure around 1910.

After its final abandonment in 1929, numerous organizations have been involved in the preservation and restoration of the site, which now serves as the centerpiece of an industrial museum. Visitors to the museum can witness exhibits showcasing the original water wheels and water-powered drop hammers, all housed within the gradually restored forge building, which aims to represent the structure’s condition in the early 1900s. All three water wheels can be operated, depending on specific circumstances.

Adjacent to the forge is a 1750s building, which now features a 1900s machine shop that plays an essential role in the ongoing restoration work. This space also houses a fascinating array of medium-sized and small stationary steam engines, as well as displays of vintage machinery and hand tools that provide an invaluable glimpse into the past.