A little bit about Abbey House Museum.

Let’s take a stroll back in time through the “Victorian streets” of the Abbey House Museum, complete with shops, a public house, an old schoolroom, and even a funeral director. During the day, the location is stunning, but as the darkness falls, this building takes on a whole new atmosphere.

Running alongside Kirkstall Abbey, the museum is housed within the former gatehouse founded in 1152, and it’s no surprise that the building is rife with paranormal activity. On the ground floor, which now features the Victorian Streets, visitors have reported their hair being pulled, as well as being grabbed or pushed. There have also been sightings of a full apparition of a man in the Victorian Schoolhouse at the end of the second street. Additionally, both staff and visitors have reported strange loud bangs and taps coming from areas where nobody is present, while some visitors have even reported smelling stale tobacco smoke.

Moving to the upper floor, doors have been seen opening and closing by unseen hands, with many believing this floor to be haunted by John Ripley, the last abbot of Kirkstall who lived here and is buried within the grounds. There have also been sightings of a monk on this floor.

Our Experience

Andy and Craig, known as “Hunters of the Paranormal” embarked on a spine-chilling paranormal investigation at the historic Abbey House in Leeds, England. Upon arrival, they were greeted by knowledgeable staff who provided them with a detailed history of the enigmatic location.

Following an intense group seance, the brothers were granted exclusive access to investigate the pub area within Abbey House. As soon as they arrived, they set up their equipment and began exploring the museum. They quickly noticed that there was a lot of activity happening around them. Objects were being moved, and they could hear strange noises coming from the shadows.

At first, their endeavours seemed fruitless as they encountered minimal paranormal activity. However, their luck changed when they ascended to the upper floor of the establishment. It was here that they made contact with three distinct spirits: Marilyn, Donald, and an unnamed entity.

Seeking to further explore the eerie grounds, the brothers took a brief respite before proceeding to the nearby Sunday school and the adjacent street. This area was rumoured to be haunted by a malevolent dark shadow that loomed ominously over the vicinity. The brothers’ investigative tools, including an EMF detector and a word box, began registering abundant activity.

Additionally, they witnessed cat balls being mysteriously triggered and detected numerous Level 5 EMF spikes, which are indicative of strong paranormal occurrences,

As they continued their investigation, they decided to use an EVP recorder to try and capture any voices from the other side. They walked through the museum, asking questions and waiting for a response. At first, there was only silence.

But then, they heard a soft, childlike voice saying hello. The brothers were stunned. They played the recording back several times, trying to make sure they hadn’t imagined it, but the voice was clear as day.

As they delved deeper into their investigation at Abbey House, the pair of paranormal investigators found themselves surrounded by inexplicable events, leaving them with many questions and an unforgettable experience.

When their investigation was over, Andy and Craig left the museum feeling exhilarated. They had captured some compelling evidence and experienced some truly creepy moments. They were already planning their next ghost-hunting adventure, eager to see what other haunted locations they could uncover.

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We received this fantastic piece of evidence last Saturday at the Abbey House in Kirkstall, Leeds. Did you hear it? What do you think? We are a brother duo just starting out so your love and support is really appreciated, please like, share and follow as this is just the start!

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