On Friday, May 13th, Hunters of the Paranormal will embark on a spine-tingling paranormal investigation at the old Thorne Workhouse in Doncaster, England. This sinister location has a dark history that is said to have been “worse than any prison” for the unfortunate souls who were forced to reside there.

The residents of the workhouse, which was built in the early 1800s, were often subjected to beatings and starvation, resulting in numerous deaths. Many of these tragic souls are believed to remain at the site, buried in unmarked graves. Thorne Workhouse served as a refuge for the homeless and destitute, housing a population consisting mainly of the elderly and infirm, as well as a large number of orphaned children.

Spanning two floors and featuring a labyrinth of dark rooms and chilling corridors, the paranormal activity reported at the Thorne Workhouse includes the spirit of a terrifying male figure who makes his presence known, the eerie laughter of children, and hushed conversations emanating from empty rooms. Thorne Union, the group of parishes responsible for the workhouse, included several locations in both Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

The workhouse was situated on Union Road, which was formerly known as Poor House Lane. This road connects Orchard Street and Lock Lane, creating the perfect setting for the intrepid pair of paranormal investigators to delve into the site’s enigmatic atmosphere on that fateful Friday, May 13th.

more info about the place – https://hauntingnights.co.uk/event/the-thorne-workhouse-doncaster-ghost-hunt/